Brother secretly took and sold my nude photos

Submitted by: PB

This is not a story of rape but a disturbing story of betrayal and somewhat incestual.

Grew up with parents and two brothers. One two years older and the other younger than me. In my teen years I was very active in high school – participated in the swim team, engaged in modern dance and junior year a cheerleader for the football team. Lots of good friends, both male and female.

My older brother had no friends at all. His only hobby was photography and actually had his own studio set up in our basement.

My parents were abruptly called in for a conference. Almost immediately there-after they kicked my bother out of the house. He joined the service and had remained the black sheep of the family ever since.

Never knew the real story until recently. He passed away and a friend and I went to clean out his apartment. On the shelf I found a shoebox filled with sealed envelopes  – some marked $10 and others $20. They were nude photos of me! Some topless at my dressing table brushing my hair and others nude stepping in and out of my bathtub back from the time he was selling them to guys I knew at school. Just my photos in that shoe box. He had a computer but nobody had the password since he passed abruptly. Safe to assume it was filled with smut.

I look at those photos and try to determine just where he had that camera placed. Was it in his hands when taken or some kind of mechanical means to snap the shutter? If so, how did he know when I was unclothed? Best guess he was hiding in my closet.

He had a few really weird friends. I recall back then the neighbor boys had this unforgettable fascination with me back then. Wonder if that is why? They were young, maybe 14 or 15 at the time. I still have the same grouping of friends. Wonder how many have copies of these in their sock drawer to this day?