He Said …. She Said – Spoken Word

A Spoken Word Piece
Submitted by: Empress Colleen

He said if I tell anyone he will kill me
I didn’t want to die so I didn’t tell,
I hid that secret very well.
He asked me how I feel?
I said fine.
What the hell do I know? I was nine.
I said I will tell my mother he said he didn’t care,
if she cared about you she would have never left you here.
Now allow me for one moment to get things clear
and I don’t give a damn who I anger in here.
But how can a mother sleep good at night
knowing something with her daughter just isn’t right?
He thought this was a joke but I had to keep playing
didn’t know my innocence was actually straying.
They say stop talking about it let it go sweep it under the rug.
They didn’t know all I wanted was a simple hug.
They lie when they said one size fit all.
These nasty perverts touching children from small.
Years built up of anger this thought never left my mind.
I wish someone can take away all my pain,
so I would never have to go through stress again,
no more walking in the rain
time to break these chains
wish there was less to lose n more to gain.
No more waiting in vain,
wish things can go back to normal or being the same.
I just need you to know you don’t have to be ashamed.
Sexual abuse is not a game.